Stellarium test build (revision 6356) for Windows

That thing about the last-minute changes was oracular based upon previous experiences. 🙂

A patch that changed some things in the Configuration window was reverted. This may mess up the translations, but as they are not imported yet in the repository, this will not affect this test build.

The script engine still has problems with stopping scripts, and I am very disappointed with the (probably non-existent in the moment) audience of this blog for not reporting this. 🙂

Stellarium SVN r6356 can be downloaded from the usual place:

Bugs should be reported to the usual place:
If you are reporting a bug, please mention that this is the test build and the version number (i.e. r6356 in this case).

PS. I really don’t want to turn this into “Stellarium test builds blog”, but for now I don’t have time for anything else.

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