KStars and Google Summer of Code 2010

Stellarium failed to apply for Google Summer of Code for a second year.

I’m not going to comment further on that. I’m mentioning it only because I accidentally found out about one of the ideas KStars is participating with in GSoC this year. (There’s a list of all KDE ideas for GSoC in their wiki, including KStars.)

Can you guess what it is?

OpenGL support for more realism and “better aesthetic appeal”.

Oh, well, “the more, the merrier”, I guess. Good luck to the competition and to Henry de Valence, who is going to work on this feature. He has mentioned that he will use Stellarium’s source code as a reference. I hope that he will continue working on KStars after GSoC ends and that he will be able to give Stellarium a hand too. (We do need another OpenGL programmer. Fabien Chéreau has limited free time and there is a ton of 3D stuff that needs to be done. Comets, meteor showers, a simple user-defined horizon for people who don’t like to bother with stitching photos…)

The other two approved KStars ideas – improved object catalogue management and OpenAstronomyLog support – also pour salt in Stellarium’s wounds. Perhaps it will manage to get even when it enters GSoC 2011…

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