Another test build (r6398) and a new release date

Stellarium SVN r6398 can be downloaded from the usual place:

Bugs should be reported to the usual place:
If you are reporting a bug, please mention that this is the test build and the version number (i.e. r6398 in this case).

The script engine should be fixed now.

Sharp-eyed users brought to light a new problem with font rendering with OpenGL:

Constellation labels are affected by this issue because of a change in default font size in revision 6219:

I’ll try to get Fabien to change it back to 16 pixels, not only because of the OpenGL glitch (should we report it as a Qt bug?), but because with this font size constellation labels will be lost in the cloud of similarly-sized labels of other objects.

Stellarium 0.10.5 was scheduled to be released on 22 May, but not everything was finished on time. The new release date is “around 31 May”, because the guy who does the Mac OS X build is busy and the new version has to be released for all platforms at the same time.

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