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As usual, when I’m studying for exams, my brain switches to overdrive and I find myself composing lists of things that I would write/code/do when the exams are over (and that I would be doing if I didn’t have to study). But no matter how many and how brilliant ideas my temporarily hyper-active mind creates, most of them end up forgotten.

So, here’s a list of vaguely Stellarium-related things I would like to do after the exams (not including the work on the new device control plug-in):

  • write to the FSF about the ASCOM license issue (compatibility with the GNU GPL)
  • look into porting INDI to Windows (this may turn out to be more painful than dual support of INDI and ASCOM, but it will create a free/open-source competition to ASCOM, and this is always good 😈 )
  • finish the new telescope control server application (a GUI/encapsulation of the old telescope servers)
  • re-write the telescope control to use QExtSerialPort instead of system-specific system calls
  • write a simple Landscape Manager plug-in that allows installing landscapes from zip files (I may write a Launchpad Blueprint and/or a page at the Stellarium Wiki about this today)
  • write a simple (or not-so-simple) Solar System objects plug-in to allow easy addition of asteroids and comets (there’s a Blueprint for that – Solar System editor)
  • write a Bazaar plug-in for Qt Creator (migrating Stellarium’s repository from Subversion at SourceForge to Bazaar at Launchpad is being discussed at the moment in the mailing list, so someone else may actually do it)
  • start studying OpenGL and tackle some of the ideas that require 3D graphics: a simple custom horizon landscape type, realistic comet rendering, more realistic meteor showers

Back to studying now. Time for lunch.

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