Stellarium Mobile on Nokia N900 (video)

As some may know, Fabien Chéreau, Stellarium’s lead developer, is working on a Stellarium port for mobile devices and in particular, for the Nokia N900 smartphone.

Some of the changes necessary for the port, such as OpenGL ES support, have been made to Stellarium’s core code, but Fabien has been working in private on some mobile-specific features, such as GPS and accelerometer support, and a GUI that is more suited to a small touch-screen than Stellarium’s default desktop-based GUI. The end result is Stellarium Mobile and the following video demonstrates some of its features.

(The bad news is that it may no longer be free as in “free-to-download”. Fabien’s contract with the ESO is about to end, and he said that he may try to earn some money selling custom versions of Stellarium, e.g. for mobile devices.)

(via Stellarium Mobile)

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