Add/Remove Landscapes plug-in for Stellarium (source released)

Yesterday me and a few other people gathered for a hackathon – a multi-hour coding session. After some deliberation, I chose to work on one of my ideas from the Stuff on my plate post: a plug-in that allows installing additional landscapes to Stellarium.

Most landscapes available at the Stellarium Wiki are in ZIP archives, so the plug-in offers the user to select a .zip file and if it contains a landscape, the plug-in unpacks its contents in the appropriate directory, refreshing Stellarium’s list of available landscapes in the “Sky and viewing options” window.

As no-one likes to end up with a large pile of landscapes that are never used, the plug-in also provides the option to select a landscape from a list and delete it. The list contains only the additional landscapes, not the original ones, so there’s no way to break one’s Stellarium installation.

Here’s what the main (and only) window of the plug-in looks like:
Main window of the Add/Remove Landscapes plug-in, v0.0.1

I have committed the code to the /extmodules directory of Stellarium’s old SVN repository at SourceForge, where the other example plug-ins live:

(The description of the revision is wrong – RapidSVN has used the last used description, and I haven’t noticed.)

The total writing time is about ten hours – not only writing and re-writing code, but also deciding what exactly to do and arranging and re-arranging the interface. I have trouble persuading Qt Designer to make the GUI look like what I want it to look like (and I wasn’t sure what it wanted it to look like in the first place).

If someone really, really likes it, I can make a Windows installer for Stellarium 0.10.5… if I have the time.

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