Experimental build of Stellarium with two new plug-ins

I’ve uploaded an experimental build of Stellarium to the usual place:

(look for stellarium-bzr4766-experimental01-win32.exe)

Like the usual test builds, it is based on the most current development code (trunk revision 4766), but merged with two plug-ins that are currently under development – my GUI for managing Solar System objects and Pep Pujols’ PrintSky for printing star charts.

I’ve started a thread at the Cloudy Nights astronomy forum. Let’s see what kind of feedback it will get.

(Boring technical comments follow: Non-programmers can skip them.)

This would be much harder to do if Stellarium didn’t use a version control system that allows easy branching and merging. I just created a local branch on my computer and merged into it the branches of the plug-ins. There were only three conflicts. I tried to resolve them using Diffuse (a free/open-source compare&merge tool), but it didn’t go very well – some of Bazaar’s conflict-marking code was left in the files. I probably didn’t do it correctly.

Before creating the package, I had the presence of mind to do some last minute tests and, as a result, added some code protecting the default Solar System objects from deletion. Before, it was possible to delete the Sun, causing Stellarium to crash and preventing it from starting again normally. 😀

Unfortunately, my presence of mind didn’t go as far as testing the Print Sky plug-in before uploading the build. I hadn’t tried to use it before. It turns out that it is confusing to use – the “Print” and “Preview” buttons are enabled only when you open the window with Ctrl+P, but are visible when you open the same window to configure the plug-in. Also, on my computer its print-out didn’t come out very well – the graphics were dark (I had selected “invert colors”) and the text was unreadable – each line was overlapping the previous one.

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3 Responses to Experimental build of Stellarium with two new plug-ins

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  2. Dr Bensignor Jean-jacques says:

    Dear sir
    I am searching for your plug-in : “teleccope control” but i can’t find it.
    could you help me showing me where to find it .
    With thanks. Yours JJB

  3. Daggerstab says:


    The plug-in is not distributed separately. It is built-in in Stellarium. You can find it in the latest version, 0.10.5, available from Stellarium’s website.

    To activate it, open the “Configuration” window, then click on the “Plugins” tab. In the list to the left, select the name of the plug-in, then check the “Load at startup” box. The plug-in will be active the next time you start Stellarium.

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