Time Zones

Three words and a screenshot two screenshots:

POSIX TZ variable

Stellarium TimeZone plug-in 0.0.1 (main window)

Stellarium TimeZone plug-in 0.0.1 (define time zone window)

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2 Responses to Time Zones

  1. Dale Lichtblau says:

    Trying to use the new time zone plugin to default to UT at startup. Can’t get it to change from my local system time…after multiple restarts.
    Help please. Thanks.

    • Daggerstab says:

      Could you please describe what you are doing exactly? And what do you expect to see?

      The steps should be something like this:

      1. Open the plug-in’s window.
      2. Select “Universal Coordinated Time (UTC)”
      3. Press the “Save settings” button.
      4. Restart Stellarium.

      An explanation of the plug-in’s behavior: It changes the way Stellarium interprets the system time. This means that when you start Stellarium, it will still display your local time, but it will think that it is UTC. And unless you are in that timezone, the sky should be different than if you had set it to your local timezone.

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