Stuff called Stellarium

It’s getting crowded, especially if you are trying to use Google for vanity searches. 🙂 (The period in which I had a Google Alert on Stellarium is thankfully over.)

In approximate order of appearance:

  • A family business that created three-dimensional, physical star maps for planetaria. They owned the domain, but their site is down since the autumn of 2008. A mirror copy can be found in the Internet Archive: 3D star maps by Stellarium. I think that Fabien should look into purchasing the domain.
  • The sky simulation application that uses the domain, i.e. “us”.
  • A Singaporean rock band (shoegaze band, actually). They don’t sound bad, especially if you like music with lots of “wire”, as we say in Bulgaria: Chocolate & Strawberry, HD video in Vimeo.
  • Wizard 101, a “family-friendly” (Harry Potter-inspired?) MMORPG, has a dungeon called “The Stellarium” in a world called “Celestia“. A shout-out or convergent evolution? (Thanks to these guys I now have to search for “Stellarium -wizard” if I don’t want to be swamped with irrelevant information.)
  • An album of twelve songs (for each sign of the Zodiac) by four different artists. Sung by something that is not even human. If you have some spare yen and like vocaloids: Sevencolors » Stellarium

(To make it explicit: none of these has anything to do with or is endorsed by the development team.)

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