What I was doing before holidays and relatives claimed my time in front of the computer:

Selecting a device with the ASCOM chooser

Second ASCOM experiment in Stellarium - using the telescope simulator

Using the telescope simulator

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2 Responses to ASCOM

  1. wow! Will be such simulator for INDI?

  2. Daggerstab says:

    The Scope Simulator control panel is a standard part of the ASCOM installation, not something that I’ve made. 🙂 So far I haven’t added any new GUI to the Telescope Control plug-in, only a new client class.

    No, INDI has some examples that can be used as simulators, but they don’t have a GUI. When I’m working on the INDI client class, I connect both Stellarium and KStars to the same INDI server and use KStars to send it commands.

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