(Lack of) Progress Report

What I’ve been (not) working on recently:

  • It turns out that Stellarium’s Time Zone plug-in doesn’t work as advertised – the user-defined time zones are not saved to the configuration file. When I looked at the source code, it turned out that the function that should do it is not broken, but missing. I vaguely recall that this feature was not ready and the interface was supposed to be hidden, but it seems that in the rush around making the release I had forgotten to do it. I’ve opened a bug report and I’ll probably work on it this evening.
  • The Telescope Control plug-in is hanging as Damocles’ sword over my head. I tried to implement a Qt-based client for the INDI wire protocol instead of using the one included in the INDI library. It turned out to be harder than expected. One of the main reasons is that INDI is not “pure” (well-formed) XML, so Qt’s XML handling mechanisms have to be convinced to handle it. After it turned out that my initial approach doesn’t handle well partial messages, I started a rewrite of the client. I feel bad about the whole mess, which doesn’t affect well my productivity.
  • I still need to finish the Solar System editor plug-in. It’s supposed to allow editing all the data about a Solar System object from the GUI.
  • Somewhat more pressing issue is the fact that the Minor Planet Center changed the server that provides the online search feature in that plug-in. As a result, everyone trying to search for objects with Stellarium 0.10.6 gets a “page not found” message. There is a workaround, but I need to write how to do it. There’s also a test build for Windows with the correct server address in the usual place (stellarium-bzr4875-win32.exe or later version). A long term solution is necessary and someone (Timothy Reaves?) suggested using some kind of redirect from the website. So far I’ve only drafted a Blueprint.

There’s also a ton of stuff I am doing or should be doing besides writing code for Stellarium. 😦

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  1. Может быть лучше сделать обновляемые закладки с адресами нужных сайтов?

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