Bloody Bazaar

I just had a version control scare: I managed to wipe out last week’s commits from a local branch of mine (and perhaps in the corresponding global branch). I managed to restore them from the backup files (*.~1~) created either by Bazaar or by Qt Creator. Whoever is responsible for that feature has a major “thank you” from me.

Note to self: for a given branch, either keep it bound all the time, or don’t bind it at all. Also, “revert to revision” in Bazaar Explorer’s log screen doesn’t do what you thought it did.

I’ve decided to have somewhat complete version of the Telescope Control plug-in merged in trunk before Stellarum’s 0.12 release. At the very least it should implement some basic ASCOM support, at the level now offered by StellariumScope. I’m almost done with that. INDI support will have to wait, as it is not usable yet. While the current INDI client seems to work, it lacks polish. It alos seems that parsing the INDI streams should be done in a separate thread, which means another re-write. 😦

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