Hiding the checkbox of a QListWidgetItem

Just something I figured out how to do, and it’s not in the top Google results:

The items in a QListWidget can be user-checkable, though by default they are not: QListWidget doesn’t display a (checked or unchecked) check box for a given item unless you set its check state to any value.

Once you set a check status, it’s seemingly impossible to remove the checkbox, even if you un-check it or use QListWidgetItem::setFlags() to remove the Qt::ItemIsUserCheckable flag.

The trick is to use QListWidgetItem::setData() to set the data in the Qt::CheckStateRole to an empty QVariant(). The same method can be used to set the item’s check state.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t preserve the check state, which is the reason why I investigated hiding the checkbox (I hoped that the state can be preserved while the box is hidden). Now I’ll probably store the original check state as user data.

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