After the introduction of ΔT computations to Stellarium, there has been a sequence of bugs “fixed” like this. In other words, some piece of code needs the time, uses the ΔT corrected time, then subtracts the correction, because it doesn’t need it. (Do I need to spell out the obvious solution?)

This pattern has repeated at least three times by now. It is one of the reasons I’m often wondering why I’m still involved with this project.

(Oh, and if I see another incomplete URL in the commit message instead of a bug report or a proper explanation… :evil:)

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One Response to *facepalm*

  1. amy says:

    Sorry i couldnt find and email adress to write to you i was searching for information on a utuber j7409 and came across your website this person actually a woman (yes i no) has all these wacky claims about ison and other bull is she ? still using the stellarium wrong ?
    thanks amy
    p.s i also commented on a vid of hers with truthful evidence about ison that i had spoken to Ian Musgrave about and you guessed it she never allowed it to be posted other then the comment about her being a fear monger etc etc then i loked like a fool to all her lemmings

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