On Github (and joysticks/gamepads for Stellarium)

Now you can also find my poorly thought-out code on Github:

The only project there so far is a work in progress: a plug-in that will allow controlling Stellarium with a joystick or gamepad instead of a mouse. (Of course, you’ll still need a keyboard if you want to use all the hotkeys, unless you have one of those exotic gamepads with a full QWERTY keyboard.)

Since it introduces an external dependency (on SDL, for multi-platform joystick support), I’ve decided to implement it as a dynamic plug-in distributed separately from Stellarium. As a side effect, this may result in changes that will make dynamic plug-in development easier, such as creating a “development package” for Stellarium (a “stellarium-dev” for those familiar with Unix naming schemes).

Since this adds more to my already well-padded Stellarium work list, don’t expect miracles. After the initial enthusiasm abates, I’ll treat it as a task to turn to when I get stuck somewhere else. (On a second thought, I treat all my Stellarium tasks that way, so it won’t be an exception.)

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