There’s about zero interest in the Joystick plug-in, so that’s on hold for now, unless as an outlet for my own amusement (an learning git). People seem to be interested in gamepads only as a means for telescope control, which is out of the project scope. (For a start, because the Telescope Control plug-in doesn’t support “pulse guiding” anyway.) I didn’t publicize the project well, anyway – a single forum thread is not quite “known far and wide”.

There are a number of things I am supposed to be doing on Stellarium, but life and relatives interfered. (This Sunday is Easter in Bulgaria.) An incomplete list:

  • Cleanup/rewrite of the Satellites plug-in for better handling of updates, adding/removing satellites, handling magnitude data and the “realistic mode” simulation and infrastructure for easier transition to alternative GUIs. Oh, and fixing some outstanding bugs.
  • The location-dependent time-zone feature, which involves cleanup of the delta-T code, which involves a rewrite of the delta-T calculation methods handling. Only the last last part is partially done.
  • The Joystick plug-in prompted me to look at the Text User Interface plug-in (as a potential joystick-friendly menu). Let’s just say that some parts of it need a smarter implementation…
  • I need to copy-edit a lot of the strings added in the development version. English is not the first language of most active developers, and it shows.
  • I need to review Alex Wolf’s mouse coordinates plug-in and merge it…
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