Badly Honed Bytes is a place where I, Daggerstab, write:

  • in English (my other blog is in Bulgarian);
  • about Stellarium, the free/open source software planetarium I contribute to;
  • and about programming in general and related topics.

Explaining the joke

For the non-native English speakers: the title of this blog is a play on words with the expression “well-honed”, usually applied to a blade, such as a dagger. “Bytes” refers to the software I write, and “Badly” – to the fact that I am rarely satisfied with its quality. (I’m still learning and it shows.)

Header image

The blog header image has been cropped from a Stellarium screenshot. The view has been aimed at the zenith and zoomed out until the landscape forms a circle around the sky.


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  1. Sławek says:

    Dear Mr Marinov
    I’m building a telescope control circuit for my engineer grade, and i need help using Stellarium’s Telescope control plug-in with C# language via TCP protocol. If You could contact with me by e-mail i would be very grateful.
    Yours sincerely,
    Sławek Czernik

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