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I bought a cheap micro-B-USB-to-normal-USB-receptacle adapter for my Android tablet, so now I can enjoy the peculiar experience of using a tablet with a mouse. Surprisingly, it supports it “out of the box” – no extra software is necessary and … Continue reading

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Migrating to Xubuntu

I’ve migrated my netbook’s Ubuntu installation to Xubuntu. The main reason is that Unity requires 3D acceleration that my netbook’s Intel card could not provide, so everything ran with software rendering. This wasn’t a major problem, but if I want … Continue reading

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I am still alive

I am still alive. The previous few months have been… interesting. My head starts hurting when I try to imagine how much catching-up with Stellarium I’ll have to do. A picture of the building of the Mathematics and Informatics Faculty … Continue reading

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Cheap binoculars + cheap camera = ?

Both the binoculars† and the camera‡ were handheld, with no adapter. † Bresser 10×50, with no model name and no visible coating on the optics (O_o) ‡ My old Nicon Coolpix L10 (yes, it’s very old).

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There’s about zero interest in the Joystick plug-in, so that’s on hold for now, unless as an outlet for my own amusement (an learning git). People seem to be interested in gamepads only as a means for telescope control, which … Continue reading

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Stellarium Joystick plug-in 0.1.0

The first release of the joystick/gamepad plug-in for Stellarium I mentioned before is ready. An installer compatible with Stellarium 0.12.4 is available at the project’s Releases page at GitHub: From the README/release notes: At this stage of development: – … Continue reading

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On Github (and joysticks/gamepads for Stellarium)

Now you can also find my poorly thought-out code on Github: The only project there so far is a work in progress: a plug-in that will allow controlling Stellarium with a joystick or gamepad instead of a mouse. (Of … Continue reading

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