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On Github (and joysticks/gamepads for Stellarium)

Now you can also find my poorly thought-out code on Github: The only project there so far is a work in progress: a plug-in that will allow controlling Stellarium with a joystick or gamepad instead of a mouse. (Of … Continue reading

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Hiding the checkbox of a QListWidgetItem

Just something I figured out how to do, and it’s not in the top Google results: The items in a QListWidget can be user-checkable, though by default they are not: QListWidget doesn’t display a (checked or unchecked) check box for … Continue reading

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Bloody Bazaar

I just had a version control scare: I managed to wipe out last week’s commits from a local branch of mine (and perhaps in the corresponding global branch). I managed to restore them from the backup files (*.~1~) created either … Continue reading

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Relieving the load

Imagine that you are a Stellarium developer. You are working on a computer (or more precisely, on an OS) that is so slow that rebuilding Stellarium takes a long time even after small changes. Most of your changes are limited … Continue reading

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Cargo cult programming

A simple utility function suddenly becomes not so simple: There are a few problems with that code. Can you spot them? If you don’t know any Qt, you probably can’t, but they are there. It’s not exactly material for the … Continue reading

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What I (should) have been working on: new interface for Oculars

Stellarium’s Oculars plug-in have been plagued with interface problems almost since its creation. Originally it was controlled with hard-coded key combinations, but the default ones were not easily accessible on keyboard layouts different from the default US QWERTY one and … Continue reading

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Stuff on my plate

As usual, when I’m studying for exams, my brain switches to overdrive and I find myself composing lists of things that I would write/code/do when the exams are over (and that I would be doing if I didn’t have to … Continue reading

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