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Stellarium Joystick plug-in 0.1.0

The first release of the joystick/gamepad plug-in for Stellarium I mentioned before is ready. An installer compatible with Stellarium 0.12.4 is available at the project’s Releases page at GitHub: From the README/release notes: At this stage of development: – … Continue reading

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On Github (and joysticks/gamepads for Stellarium)

Now you can also find my poorly thought-out code on Github: The only project there so far is a work in progress: a plug-in that will allow controlling Stellarium with a joystick or gamepad instead of a mouse. (Of … Continue reading

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Satellites plug-in 0.8.0

…is mostly ready for a merge, though I couldn’t finish everything I wanted to do before running out of free time at the end of April. I wanted to propose the merge today, but I’m too sleep-deprived to do the … Continue reading

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Relieving the load

Imagine that you are a Stellarium developer. You are working on a computer (or more precisely, on an OS) that is so slow that rebuilding Stellarium takes a long time even after small changes. Most of your changes are limited … Continue reading

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What I (should) have been working on: new interface for Oculars

Stellarium’s Oculars plug-in have been plagued with interface problems almost since its creation. Originally it was controlled with hard-coded key combinations, but the default ones were not easily accessible on keyboard layouts different from the default US QWERTY one and … Continue reading

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Solar System Editor plug-in: Search inside import lists

Some people mentioned that it is hard to find a specific comet or asteroid in the lists that the Solar System Editor plug-in downloads from the Minor Planet Center website. The lists are indeed long, so today I read up … Continue reading

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Time Zones

Three words and a screenshot two screenshots: POSIX TZ variable

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Comets and Asteroids plug-in for Stellarium (video)

A video of the plug-in mentioned in my previous post: (It’s recommended to see the larger size at YouTube. And I’m sorry about the framerate. Any ideas on how to increase screen capturing performance?) Objects (not) seen in the video: … Continue reading

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Experimental build of Stellarium with two new plug-ins

I’ve uploaded an experimental build of Stellarium to the usual place: (look for stellarium-bzr4766-experimental01-win32.exe) Like the usual test builds, it is based on the most current development code (trunk revision 4766), but merged with two plug-ins that are currently … Continue reading

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Add/Remove Landscapes plug-in for Stellarium (source released)

Yesterday me and a few other people gathered for a hackathon – a multi-hour coding session. After some deliberation, I chose to work on one of my ideas from the Stuff on my plate post: a plug-in that allows installing … Continue reading

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