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I bought a cheap micro-B-USB-to-normal-USB-receptacle adapter for my Android tablet, so now I can enjoy the peculiar experience of using a tablet with a mouse. Surprisingly, it supports it “out of the box” – no extra software is necessary and … Continue reading

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I am still alive

I am still alive. The previous few months have been… interesting. My head starts hurting when I try to imagine how much catching-up with Stellarium I’ll have to do. A picture of the building of the Mathematics and Informatics Faculty … Continue reading

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Cheap binoculars + cheap camera = ?

Both the binoculars† and the camera‡ were handheld, with no adapter. † Bresser 10×50, with no model name and no visible coating on the optics (O_o) ‡ My old Nicon Coolpix L10 (yes, it’s very old).

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Coding postponed…

I was going to spend some time writing code (including some dealing with claims about Comet Elenin), but it’s sunny outside for the first time in weeks. So: instead of lowering the blinds to get the sun out, I’ll get … Continue reading

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Welcome to Badly Honed Bytes!

Welcome to Badly Honed Bytes! Some of the stuff that may (or may not) appear here in the future: comments about Stellarium’s development, including bugs and new features code I’ve written and comments on it general stuff on programming and … Continue reading

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